About us

Sanleng is a well-known high-tech enterprise in China. It is a high-tech enterprise group with independent intellectual property rights, outstanding innovation capability and strong core competitiveness.
Founded in 2001, Sanleng mainly engaged in the industrial development of six fields: city's smart engineering, environmental protection and new energy industries, intelligent manufacturing, security and emergency industries, cross-border trade,outbound investment. Its business covers smart transportation, smart security, smart buildings, smart towns, smart municipalities, smart fire, smart tourism, smart health-care, smart pension, smart education and other smart city areas of design, financing, implementation and operation and maintenance.Project planning and operation in environmental protection, such as environmental monitoring, environmental restoration, new energy,the Marine conservation;Planning and operation of emergency manufacturing industries such as Intelligent Manufacturing Integration Solution, Intelligent Fire Protection,Emergency Equipment Manufacturing, Emergency Knowledge Training, Emergency Science and Technology Research and Development.

Products and Solutions

After years of development, the company's business has expanded into dozens of products and solutions in six areas of smart engineering, environmental protection and new energy industries, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, security emergency, cross-border trade and foreign investment. The company has a successful practice of building a large number of smart cities at home and abroad, and is a pioneer in the field of smart cities in China. At the same time, through continuous research and development and innovation, the company has formed innovative products with independent intellectual property rights in the fields of smart fire protection, emergency industry and artificial intelligence, and has formed unique advantages in environmental protection field and cross-border trade.

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